Team time…

As I have mentioned I have been very unmotivated to spend time on the bike. It’s all I can do to get out the door with a kit on and bike in hand but I’ve been doing it anyway. Sunday was a much needed ride with the majority of my team. We participate every year in the After the Bridge Run Ride sponsored by the Trek store here in town. My dad, mom, and sister all were in town and all rode in various distances that were available. Dad took on the 100 miler with a couple of my teammates, I took on the 70 miler with the remaining crew and  my mom and sister did the 25 miler together. 

It was an absolutely glorious day and I had a blast. It was really exactly what I needed. I just needed to be surrounded by my teammates and the support and fun and love that comes with that and the joy was back. Sometimes I just need a reminder of why I do this, why I work so hard, and why I put my body through such harsh training. I love it! My mojo isn’t back in full swing but it’s at least having a come back.


After the ride dad and I went to get some food and my mom and sister joined us for a bit. They started talking to us we asked how their ride was and they said it was quite wonderful until a dog came after them. Andrea said “I was riding at about 20mph and then this dog came out of nowhere and was being really aggressive in chasing me so a sped up and started screaming.” then Andrea continues to tell us that mom ended up climbing a fence in attempt to get away from the dog! We were all laughing hysterically, my mother climbed a fence… Oh dear.

Thursday I rode with Mike who has been put on a strict training schedule, by our in house exercise science PhD, of riding everyday at a very low heart rate for at least two hours for the next eight days in preparation for a 100 miler our team will be doing in a couple weeks. I decided that I would drive up to Summerville and keep a poor chap company on a lonely ride. We had a lovely ride and I now have been written a training schedule for the next two weeks by Joachim so I begin that tomorrow, wish me luck!


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