State champs…

I haven’t written in a while due to the chaos of buying a house/getting the place ready to move into/training/working. It has been slightly insane the past few weeks but despite the chaos it has been a really good few weeks. This past weekend was the Low Country Race Weekend sponsored by Low Country Elite Racing and might I say they did a beautiful job of putting on the weekend. These two days of racing are the crit state championships as well. I was not sure about racing, especially Saturday.

The course for Saturday happens  to be very technical and I had a chance to ride it with my team on Thursday and was like “Oh, hell no!”  then later I started considering it and had Daniel look over my bike and make sure everything was in running order and got a bonus pep talk. He told me that it seemed like I wanted to race, I just needed to go do it. He said take your stuff and if you get there and aren’t into it then don’t race Saturday, fine, there are races on Sunday and isn’t this was to ride/train for? GO DO iT! And he was right… 

Friday night the rain was pouring down and I had decided that if the course was wet and I was nervous I wouldn’t handle the bike as well so I would opt out if the course was still wet by race time. It was so I didn’t race Saturday, but one of U18 kids braved the weather and raced his first ever races in Juniors and Men’s Cat 5. I felt like a proud mama, I was so nervous for him but he did awesome!

Sunday’s course was much less technical and I had actually run the course before when a friend of mine lived in the neighborhood that is attached to the West Ashley High School. I raced women’s cat 4 at 8:30 and had the privilege of racing with some really amazing girls and a few bitches. The race went well no crashes and I placed 9th out of 11. I raced again at 3:55 in the women’s open cat and had the privilege of once again racing with some of the girls I had teamed up with in the earlier race. There were four of us racing and we split off into two groups of two and Shelby from team Massage Envy and I took .7mile pull turns and then on the last lap we rode side by side trying to play it clean and I out sprinted her on the last stretch grabbing 3rd but she put up a fight for sure. It was an awesome weekend and lots of great race experience.Image


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