Issaqueena, that bitch…

I know it has been while since I have written but moving and having my mother here for over a week has occupied my time. A couple weekends ago the team ventured out of the low country for a training ride up in Walhalla, SC. It was really early Saturday morning and the rain was pelting down on the tin roof of my parents house and I groaned as a drug myself out of my cozy bed that I had not spent nearly enough time in yet. I light wasn’t even coming through the windows as a tiptoed around the house and out to my car and the rain was still coming down as I drove down the driveway. Not feeling it. 100 miles with 11,000 feet of climbing on a gorgeous day is a feat but in these conditions not fun. 

I kept driving towards Walhalla and the rain kept pelting on my windshield. I exited and tried to call Mike. No answer. I do a u turn and then start driving back home, I was not going to do this. As soon as it hit the interstate Mike calls me “CC, where you at? I’m just downstairs getting Joachim a cup of coffee!” Damn it, Joachim came now I have to go. So I take the next exit and do another u turn and head back in the direction of Walhalla and reluctantly tell Mike that I will be there shortly and that I will meet them in the lobby. 

We finally get over to the ride site and start getting ready to ride. The rain had subsided at this point and it was actually pretty warm so we all opt to leave the leg warmers at camp and just sport arm warmers with wind vests in our pocket for the decants. We take off and Jason, Gregg and Joachim all decide they are going to hammer the ride, Mike, Billy and I decide that we are going to stop at the rest stations and take advantage of the snacks. After the second stop we start some more serious climbing. The first little stretch was a decent little climb then it flattened out then the next was a little steeper and so on and so forth. It started to rain and it was beginning to get cool, we finally reach the 1 mile 14% grade climb. Yeah, you read that ride 1 mile 14% grade. At this point my legs are done, they were tiered when we started,  my knees hurting because I didn’t have my shems in my shoes, and I’m freezing cold. Mike is beside my “Come on CC!” I was almost there tears streaming down my face and my knees just gave out on me just before the top and I had to walk the last 100 yards.  I. Was. Done. I hopped in a sag and headed back and the boys took the sag behind me. It was just to f*&#$!@ cold to do that decent and the rain was horrific. I finally got home, got food,  warmed up and got to spend some time with my whole family which was really nice. It was my aunts birthday and I was able to see her.


This weekend It was rainy and nasty but we had to do team pictures on the York Town which was epic! We were all waiting in the parking lot and Joachim was looking at the radar and pacing saying “It’s coming, the rain is coming the radar doesn’t lie!” then thirty minutes later he started saying “It’s over, turn back, we can’t do this anymore the radar doesn’t lie!” We finally get up there and the wind is dreadful, it blew a bike out of the stand but we kept taking pictures. We are taking the last pictures and it starts pouring, I mean POURING. We all run inside and Jimmy our lovely team director says “OK, head shots!” all the girl are like “Uh, seriously?!” He was serious and we took head shots. The pictures actually all turned out really well. Rachel turned to me while we were waiting in the parking lot and said “I don’t think I have ever seen so many weirdos in one place.” It’s true but when you are on a cycling team that’s how it goes, you are all weirdos and you all love each other.


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